About us


SIA «OLGALEK» is a modern, growing enterprise, which specializes on designing, manufacturing and assembling of metal constructions. We offer:

  • Steel entry doors
  • Communal Stairwell doors with intercom
  • Steel fireproof doors
  • Doors for technical rooms
  • Steel gates, incl. automatic gates
  • Steel fences, railing
  • Fireproof cupboards and other products.

Our aim is to manufacture products, which would satisfy needs and desires of a wide range of consumers. We realize how difficult it is to make a right decision buying steel doors nowadays since the market is so large and there is a variety of choices – advertisements are full of special offers and different discounts. However, we offer you not discounts, we offer a comprehensive understanding of the products available, and you can decide what kind of doors you need and how much you are willing to pay. Our task is to give an advice and a consultation. We will share our knowledge, we know why sometimes outwardly very respectable doors cost less than the ones which seem very simple at first. Make sure you know what you purchase – contact our managers!

Our main difference from other manufacturers is the level of technological progress. It is important to pay attention not only to the quality of raw materials and components. The processes of manufacturing and assembling have to be done with a high quality as well, which is possible only in industrial conditions. Nowadays, only the usage of modern equipment is a warranty of quality, safety and exploitation. If the smallest mistake is made by a person during the assembling, the quality of the product drops, and this happens quite often. The cheapest and the less secure doors are made using welding machines. Welded seams deform a steel door plate which affects the door – it does not close completely and the lock starts to shim in a few months.

Qualitative, secure and accessible – these are the principles our company is based on. Because of these principles we are able to compete in the market, keep moving forward by upgrading the technologies of manufacturing and improving the quality of our products. The latest high precision computerized equipment, the usage of high quality materials and components, as well as the experience gained in many years of work have helped us to create a wide variety of different models for our products that are not restricted by standard size or design. Even more, the multistage quality control guarantees a long life and excellent performance of our doors.

full production cycle, which includes metalworking workshops, welding, production of decorative panels, high temperature chambers for spraying of powder, assembly line, allows us to offer the lowest possible price in the competition with large magnitude. We expand our chain of dealers and seek for new partners all the time. We offer a full range of services, starting with the measurement taking and finishing with the installation of doors or gates. We also deliver our products everywhere in Latvia, wholesale included.

The enterprise „OLGALEK” offers the best price for doors and other products, considering the balance between the price and the quality. This allows us to be a reliable partner for many construction companies.

Additionally, we offer an installation of access control, video recording and alarm systems, as well as warranty service, restoration of steel doors, change of locks, emergency door opening and even more…

Our steel doors and gates – warrants to your safety!


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