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Significantly different approach to realize your dream in reality, in comparison with other VIP saloons!
We always provide our clients with different interior design solutions – from classical to avant-garde, according to clients’ wishes. If client needs only exciting idea without detailed drawings, then we can just make a sketch, because the idea is the most important! Feng Shui and decoration: are carried out after finishing works, as final part for style and interior. Decorating your home, we reach most effective esoteric effect. Each interior detail: furniture, bedroom appliances, curtains, carpets, sculptures, flowers, paintings – it is an original solution for united art work. Our designers will help to understand, what is close and important especially for you! We offer different interior design models:

Sketch project

  • Survey sketch (plan) for premises;
  • Development of style;
  • Re-planning ( if necessary 2-3 options);
  • Premises explication with furniture placement;
  • Colour sketch (visualization) – if necessary 2-3 style solution options on basis of existing premises.

Design projects — Documentation, developed at planning works, according to technical project, in amount which is necessary to carry out finishing-renovation works within premises. Furniture matching, equipment, lightening.

Architecture solutions— AS section:

  • Survey sketch;
  • Bulk-wall plan. Explication of premises;
  • Location system of furniture and equipment;
  • Floor system. Approximate finishing of floor plan;
  • Ceiling scheme. Approximate finishing of ceiling plan;
  • Application of communication system schemes to appropriate elements;
  • Dimensions ketches for non-standard and decorative elements;
  • Wall finishing solutions;
  • Perspective drawing (one drawing for main premises).

Our saloon also offers you working project. That is schemes and drawings for construction workers. Documentation, developed according to approved designed project basis by the customer. Basis for pricing. Based on these technical drawings also sketch project is developed. In addition to it, overview of finishing materials and equipment (furniture, kitchen, etc.).
We deliver furniture for our clients to their premises. Furniture is assembled by our certified and qualified specialists, which provides us possibility to follow all manufacturer guidelines. Furniture is placed according with approved design project. Our specialists will place, regulate and assemble all furniture and equipment.

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