Intercom – house protection.

More and more often, individuals are looking for a solution to safety issues.
Intercom is one of the simplest devices to use, which could shield flats, communal stairwells, offices or warehouses.
A properly installed intercom is a security to a child left home alone. It will protect stairwells from “beautiful” drawings and you – from unbidden guests. Intercom will help to avoid contact with unwanted or random visitors.
The intercom system is sufficient for safety of tenants of a house.

The main functions of intercom:

  1. A possibility to see visitors – video intercom.
  2. A possibility to contact (talk to) visitors – audio intercom.
  3. A possibility to open the door from distance (remote door system), if required.

A modern intercom contains a panel with a keyboard, which allows to contact the required flat, a code reader devices, magnetic locks and flat receivers.

A visitor presses a call button on a panel located on the outside of the door, after what the signal on the handset located inside of the building lets the tenant know about the visitor. Intercom systems provide with an opportunity to speak to visitors, open the door by pressing a button for opening the magnetic locks. This button is installed on the handset panel.

The retention of the door closed is provided by the following system: the magnetic lock, installed on the top part of the door frame, interacts with another magnet plate, installed on the door itself.

The opening and closing of a door with the intercom system is possible not only from the control handset inside of the building, but also:

  • by entering a fixed code. A code panel is installed outside by the door. In order to get in, it is required to enter a fix code.
  • Magnetic key. Electric keys, «tablets». Doors unlock and open by a touch of this key to the special reader panel.
  • Plastic card. Magnetic cards – You place this card to electric pin-code reader and the door opens if the pin is in the database.

We offer not only the installation of the intercom systems, but also the technical maintenance of intercom systems. For your convenience, we have developed different types of the technical maintenance, all with one aim: to maintain and make sure all of the components of the system are in a good working condition.

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