Steel doors LUX

These are for refined taste. Our modern technologies allow you to make your bravest design dreams come true, and create the steel doors of your imagination. You will not have to resign to constructions of pre-made size and colour.

We produce exclusive steel doors of any complexity, both standard and outsized non-standard versions.
The variation of colours, different decoration materials, mirror and glass elements – all of that and even more allows to create solid steel doors with elegant exterior. Besides, you will not have to wait long for the doors to be produced, because we manufacture them ourselves.

One of the exclusive steel door versions is doors with MDF panels. Such doors are practical and handy: they are humidity resistant, resistant to impact and are not effected by temperature change. Steel doors with MDF panels do not discolour from the direct sunlight, which provides additional advantage if you wish to install such doors in your house or cottage. The door decoration could be combined as you wish, for example, doors with MDF panels and windows.

If you wish to create a unified interior and you need to adjust the colour of the door, it could be cowered with powdering ink.
This means that the surface of steel doors is sprayed with powder (polymeric), after which the thermal heat treatment of the door takes place. As a result of this treatment, doors are covered with a sufficiently durable mycrolayer of plastic.
Even more, this method creates a corrosion protection for the doors. We recommend to install an overhang or shed, if used as outdoor.

Ekskluzīvas metāla durvis “ELIT”

Metallic doors making process by Olgalek

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