Steel doors STD

Steel doors STD are suitable for those, who need cheep but solid doors.

If needed, doors could be assembled with various additional locks to improve the resistance and reduce the risk of  interference.

For this model of doors, we offer to cover the door leaf with a decorative surface coating (imitation of wood) or with powdering ink, i.e., the surface of steel doors is sprayed with powder (polymeric), after which the thermal heat treatment of the door takes place. As a result of this treatment, doors are covered with a sufficiently durable mycrolayer of plastic. This door treatment process offers a possibility to create the final product in different colours, whichever are more suitable for clients.

Even more, this method creates a corrosion protection for the doors. 1.5mm cold-rolled sheets are used to manufacture these doors. Sheets are 53mm thick (without colour), the case is 80mm wide.

Metāla durvis “STAL”

Metallic doors making process by Olgalek

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