Fireproof doors

Fireproof doors have an important position within our production.

Fireproof doors are installed into the wall or partition that is not thinner than 100mm. Fireproof doors consist of steel frame with weld wall fastening and door leaf of sheet steel with mineral wool isolation. Smoke impermeability is provided by strip of special material, which expands during the fire, and rubber seal profile. Fireproof doors of standard package are equipped with an easy to press handle and latch. The door-frame and leaf are painted with powdering ink. The client can choose a colour from RAL catalogue.

Description of a standard product:
Fireproof single door left and right side opening, by DIN standard

Material: 1. option – steel sheet.
2. option – Zink-coated steel sheet.
Leaf: Thickness 53 mm (thick welt); thickness of steel sheet 1.2 mm.
Elements for Enhancement: Bent and corner profiles.
Теплоизоляция: Mineral wool PAROC PAL.
Sealing: “P”(“D”) rubber seal profile for the leaf, as well as sealing for the frame from three sides.
Frame: Corner, thickness 1.5 mm., thermal insulation filling.
Mounting plate d=10.5 mm.
Mounting holes d=19.07 mm, hidden under decorative covers (white, black, brown or grey colour).
Coating: The leaf and frame covered with epoxy primer TEMACOAT GPL-S, on top of which is polyurethane paint TEMADUR-20 (RAL and RR catalogue colours).

Additional equipment

  • accessories – on client’s request
  • automatic opening system: Telesko, Assa
  • installation of Antipanic system
  • security system
  • stainless steel doorstep
  • “folding doorstep ” installation
  • Installation of rumble strips
  • edges

Metallic doors making process by Olgalek

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